5 Summer 2017 Palettes With Bombshell Color for UNDER $20 Each!

Hey Brown Girl!

It's time for your summer slay. Popping color and beaming glow is in season and we are going to give you five palettes that won't break your bank. Save that coin for ice cream and margaritas on the beach. 


Take Me to Brazil Palette Packaging

Take Me to Brazil Palette Packaging

The Take Me to Brazil Palette* by BH Cosmetics is so underrated but is definitely a jewel. This baby retails for $12.99 on BH Cosmetic's website, and can also be found on Amazon* for $19.99 with prime shipping. Below are a few swatches from the palette. 

Swatches of the Take Me To Brazil Palette by BH Cosmetics 

Swatches of the Take Me To Brazil Palette by BH Cosmetics 

#2. THE ZULU PALETTE - Juvia's Place

The Zulu Palette by Juvia's Place retails for $17.50 🙌🏾. ! Every once and a while, Juvia's Place gives free shipping, which is always magical. You can also save 10% using affiliate codes like "LISA" or  "FUMI" and support these two dope bloggers of color. The Brown Girl Swatches blog doesn't have an affiliation with Juvia's Place, but I have made 4 purchases and personally LOVE the pigmentation and quality of their palettes. At 17.50, the Zulu Palette is most certainly a steal. I am definitely getting the ZULU once Juvia's Place brings free shipping back around. Check out the swatches by @Belle_Nior below.

#3. ULTIMATE BRIGHTS PALETTE - Nyx Professional 

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 10.49.32 PM.png

The Ultimate Brights* palette by NYX Professional is only $17.99 at Target* and Ulta* stores. This palette has a full range of color that will have your summer makeup looking fun and flawless. I could not find any swatches on brown skin, so this is on my "to swatch" list. Let me know if you guys are interested in seeing swatches in the comments section of this post and I will bump up the urgency. I still managed to find swatches on fair skin which you can see below.


It's no secret that purple and brown mesh together beautifully! The L.A. Girl Ultra Eyeshadow collection has a nice range of purple shades that can help you achieve a nice royal blend of color. 

The Ultra Eyeshadow Collection is on Amazon* for $6.49 as an add on item, or $7.51 here* if you do not want to meet the $25 minimum (both options have free shipping with prime). NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! The Beauty Brick eyeshadow collection retails on L.A. Girl for $10. You can also get this palette from Charolette Russe* for $10. This particular palette is not in my collection, but I do own the NUDES version of the Brick Eyeshadow collection. I can say the product has fallout, but at the price it truly is a steal. The pigmentation is very good, but I still recommend a primer. Below are swatches of the Ultra Eyeshadow Collection done by @Roxygirl_Makeup on Instagram. 


L.A. Girl came through with another affordable palette. This palette is listed on Amazon* for $6.99 as an add on item, and also for $9.45 with prime shipping *. Roxygirl_Makeup came through again with bombshell swatches, which you can see below! Be sure to support her dope content on IG. 

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