Colourpop Pressed Powder Review + Swatches on Brown Skin

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows Packaging

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows Packaging

Hey Brown Girls!

I'm Ije, and I'll be doing today's swatch review here on The Brown Girl Swatches. ColourPop recently launched pressed powder shadows, so I picked up eight shades to try. I will be reviewing them in this post.

In terms of quality and pigmentation, these shadows are a little hit-or-miss. Some shades are great, while others were really disappointing. I own the shades Cloud Nine, 143, Come and Get It, Stay Golden, Sandbar, Fairplay, Oh Ship and Tiki. Most of shades swatched true to colour and showed up well on my NW45 -ish skin, apart from a couple.

Top to bottom: Tiki, Sandbar, Oh Ship, Fairplay, 143

Top to bottom: Tiki, Sandbar, Oh Ship, Fairplay, 143

Tiki is a bright matte yellow that supposedly has gold shimmery flecks. I can’t see any shimmer in it. It was patchy and impossible to build up. Used as a lid shade, I couldn't pack it on to get the high-impact opaque, even colour I want from lid shades. When I tried to use it as a crease colour/transition colour, it faded into this ashy, off-white shade that was nothing like the colour in the pan. This is my least favourite eyeshadow.

Sandbar is gorgeous as a crease colour, but I couldn't get it to look even when applied as a lid shade. It looked very patchy, with some areas looking more pigmented than others. The effect was not pretty at all, so I will not be using this as a lid shade, which is a shame because the colour would have been really pretty as a lid shade.

The rest of the shades I own are really pretty and they apply great.

Stay Golden (matte) is a muted red. It reminds me of one of the shades from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

143 (matte) is a brightened violet and I love it! It’s such an unusual shade. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shade quite like this before.

Top to Bottom: Stay Golden, 143, Come and Get it, and Cloud Nine.

Top to Bottom: Stay Golden, 143, Come and Get it, and Cloud Nine.

Come And Get It (duochrome/shimmer) is a medium gold with a pink shift. I love it!

Cloud Nine (matte) is a blackened brown. I love shades like this because they can be used in place of black when I don’t want to look too dramatic.

Sandbar and Fairplay (matte) are two shades of pink. Sandbar is brighter and leaves a stain. Fairplay is more muted and doesn’t leave a stain. On my skintone these two are quite similar.

Oh Ship is a deep reddened orange. I love this shade because it is a dupe for the shade “Sokoto” from the Juvia's Place Saharan Palette, which was the only shade I really wanted from that palette. It is very pigmented and applies with no problems.

I like most of these shadows. Theyare decently pigmented , and they’re far easier to pick up with brushes than the mousse-like formula of the Super Shock Shadows. I would recommend using a primer with these, especially the matte shades.  Aside from Tiki and Sandbar, the other shades last all day on me.

These shadows are available from the ColourPop website for $5 each. When you order four shadows, you get a free mini palette. 

Customer Service

ColourPop customer service could do with some improvement. I have had issues with them in the past. They literally do not have a refund policy.

This means that if you order stuff from them and you do not receive it for whatever reason, they will NOT issue you a refund or resend your items.

Earlier this year/late last year I had a package that went missing for a while and their customer service was very unhelpful and completely dismissive.  I would seriously suggest using PayPal when ordering from Colourpop, and all indie brands in general. 


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